image DID YOU KNOW: Downtown Tamaqua’s north-facing side never gets direct sunlight

did-you-know-south-side-of-downtown-tamaqua-never-gets-direct-sunlight-tamaqua-2-6-2017-1Did you know that about half of Tamaqua’s downtown businesses never receive direct sunlight? It’s true… if you are talking about store fronts.
The north-facing, even-side of the first blocks of East Broad Street and West Broad Street have never seen the bright forthright rays of a glowing sun, at least as far back as we know. This applies to all seasons.

A combination of five things makes this happen:
– high buildings,
– earth’s tilt/rotation,
– street direction/angle,
– angle of sunset/sunrise,
– and mountains to our east and west.

This is also explains why the proposed downtown solar-powered LED tree light project fell through two years ago. 

Was it done intentionally? That is another question to be answered at another time.

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