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Post any information about it’s historical past, present and future.
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Here are the CAMA card links about Smulligan’s Glass Shop and the connected structure.

Jackie Adamitis said on the website, “Wasn’t that the Tamaqua Fruit Company?……”
Ken Moyer said on Facebook, “Tamaqua Fruit Company”.
Chris Reed said on Facebook, “Sword seafood after Tamaqua fruit,, in mid 80’s small garment factory run by Ron and Lois Mace.”
John Tumas said on Facebook, “I think that this was a warehouse for the Nester wholesale company which sold items to many of the small corner stores in the area. Not sure of the name. But I do remember that around the 4th of July in the late ’50’s that they had a room with the best illegal fireworks that a kid could want.”
David Mace said on Facebook, “I remember stopping there to pick up cases of celery on our way to Wos Wit when it was still in Lehighton.”
George Geissinger said on Facebook, “When I was a kid we used to go there for Easters States Dog food for our Beagles.”
Maggie Alonge said on Facebook, “We use to get our potatoes & onions there for Rita’s Lunch.”
Eleanor Billig said on Facebook, “My grandfather would go there and get feed for the animals. I was just a kid. Don’t know the name of the business, but remember seeing those feed sacs of back in the day…”

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