image Be alert for “You Are In” types of photos/videos on Facebook

facebook-virus-scam-alertA Facebook photo and video virus is making its rounds again. If you receive a photo or video-type post from a friend showing you as the image, or with no comments at all, absolutely do not click on it. If you do, then your contacts will be automatically sent a similar image/video that looks genuine.

Here is a good explanation I found online:

A lot of people have been complaining about a Facebook virus video lately. The video is some kind of spoof that runs on your Facebook profile.

If you too have come across such video, be alert! Don’t open the video. It is a virus generated by hackers.

This video usually comes like a featured video posted by your friend. The hackers sometimes use your friends pictures as the icon of the video so that it looks really genuine.

If you click that video, your contacts on Facebook are automatically scanned by the virus and it automatically sends a similar link to all your friends on Facebook.

This is like a chain video and it will grip anyone and everyone who clicks the video.

If something similar has happened to you, immediately alert all your friends or contacts on Facebook to not open the video. This way you can stop spreading the virus further.

How to identify the virus?

  • The video generally comes in this file format : RIGVTL1F.LATESTNEWSTODAYS. COM
  • It uses your pic, profile pic, etc
  • It tags your friends automatically
  • Immediately alert your friends if you see such video being posted from your timeline

How to get rid of it if you have already opened it?

  • Go to your activity log and delete all these posts
  • Remove all the suspicious apps from your Facebook profile
  • Clear your browser, cache and cookeis and get rid of all malicious history
  • Check your Desktop for any virus and scan it through your antivirus

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