image Hometown Fire Company welcomes new fire truck

new-fire-truck-hometown-fire-company-hometown-1-7-2017-32Today, members and firefighters of the Hometown Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 welcomed the arrival of their new multipurpose rescue/fire truck.
The truck will be put into service sometime in the next few weeks. Until then, it will receive company logos, lettering and other added touches.


Friends, officials and community members were also on-hand today as a 2017 KME 1,000 gallon Freightliner pulled into the parking lot of the fire company.
The new pumper/rescue firetruck, which cost about $325k,  replaces their 1997 Freightliner truck and can pump water at 1,500 gallons a minutes.
It also contains an abundant amount of storage space for their rescue equipment, to include their new electric tools. The tools cost around $30k.
Firefighters stressed the importance of supporting events at the fire company, as to help pay off the large loan.
Today’s event consisted of a pre-truck housing, blessing, and free food/refreshments to all who attended.

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