Police Chase, Stolen Vehicle, Rolling Mill Avenue, Tamaqua, 12-24-2015 (28)

An unidentified white man is on the loose after ditching a stolen sport utility vehicle this evening following a police chase that ended in Tamaqua.
As of 5:45 PM today, heavy police presence could be seen along Rolling Mill Avenue.
The stolen vehicle, a black Chevrolet Traverse LT, was apparently ditched in front of a multi-vehicle garage along the 500 block of Rolling Mill Avenue. There was no visible damage to the SUV or garage.
It is estimated that the incident began before 5:20 PM.
A news tip states that police are looking for a white male, approximately 6′ tall thin build, wearing a red t shirt and jeans, last seen running from the police.
A witness on Facebook told, “The driver of the SUV drove around me on the pavement to get in front of me. Wow.”
West Penn Police could be seen using their K-9 unit in the search.
Responding police departments were Tamaqua, Kline Township, Rush Township, McAdoo, Coaldale, and West Penn Township.
No more information is known. Photos:


  1. I’m offering $200 if someone can get me within 50 feet of Anthony Napolitano. Cash on the spot no questions asked. 233-6063


    • I’m new to the area myself. I do come from a place where pieces of garbage like that get what the f**k they deserve. Stole a black RAM out of next door driveway. Had a been there, the cops wouldn’t have anyone to look for. I don’t know the scumbag that took yours but I sure will keep my eye out. Have a good one sir.

      And if lowlife is reading this, hear me well. Come back to the riverside. You left something of yours that has your name written all over it. Why should I be the one hunting… Wait till I catch you.


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