Members of the Gabriel Youth Symphony Orchestra performed Star Wars and holiday songs on Sunday during their annual Holiday Concert held at the D.H.H. Lengel Auditorium in Pottsville. Music was directed by John F. Potlunas.
Musicians include:
Violin I: Zehn Schropp, Malachi Ahlert, Sophie Chawluk, Molly O’Connell, Emily Sopko, Marin Cole, Zoe Noel Tidmore, and Ashley Keyworth.
Violin II: Lauren Woollam, Skye Bixler, Michael Johnson-Ponce, Violet O-Connell, Angelique Antonini, Faith Eckley, Allyson Schultze, and Michquelena Potlunas.
Viola: Magdalene Dieter and Agnes Maurer.
Cello: Andrew Chawluk, Kyle Karlavage, Chase Rehrig, Kathy Hampford, and John B. Chawluk.
Holiday Concert via Gabriel Youth Orchestra, Lengel Auditorium, Pottsville MS (5)Flute I: Allie Gerber and Hannah Betz.
Flute II: Sydney Sims and Kristina Stroup.
Oboe I: Julia Shellhamer.
Oboe II: Rylea Gaverick.
Clarinet I: Genevieve Beck, Emily Ferraro, and Andrew Dickinson.
Clarinet II: Amy Gardiner and Branden Snider.
Alto Saxophone I: Collin Larkin.
Alto Saxophone II: Grace Muench.
Trumpet I: Tyler Shadle and Jason Brauer.
Trumpet II: Natalie Rubinkam.
Holiday Concert via Gabriel Youth Orchestra, Lengel Auditorium, Pottsville MS (3)Trumpet III: Christian Honicker.
French Horn I: Rocco Roguskie.
French Horn II: Thomas Honicker.
French Horn III: Kaitlyn Karpovich.
Trombone I: Patrick McMullen.
Trombone II: Ryan Folk.
Percussion: Rachel Gibson, Cody Gemmell, Edward Kolosnky, Ian Rex, Kaitlyn Pekarik, and Wesley Evans.
Piano: Jason Brauer and Patrick McMullen.

Their next concert is scheduled for Sunday, May 1, 2016 at the D.H.H. Lengel Auditorium.
The group is headquartered out of Bear Crossing Music Studio in New Ringgold.
Click HERE to view their website. Video Clip: Photos:

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