Dog Caught In Trap In Coaldale, 12-21-2015 (3) - CopyTerry Deubler waited about 30 minutes for help to arrive after her dog Max got caught in a hunter’s trap today in the mountains south of Coaldale. The trap didn’t have visible owner identification and was not on PA State Game Lands.
Luckily, Max only suffered a minor injury.

Below is the comment posted on Facebook from Deubler:

I want you to see what you did to my dog. You caused him fear and pain so you could make money off an animal skin that doesn’t belong to you anyway. A dog, cat or small child doesn’t know to not go near your traps. It’s inhumane and I’ll never know who caused this nor do I want to know but what I do know and believe is that there is karma for everything we do.
If you’re wondering why I would take a picture of this instead of helping my dog is because I was not strong enough to open your trap and had plenty of time to take this picture while we waited about a half hour for help. Thank you Danny Sugden and Richie for helping us. We are forever grateful.


Information on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website states that once traps are set, they must be checked daily. In addition, the Pennsylvania Game Commission requires that all traps include the name and address of the trapper or an identification number.

Information on reads (34 Pa. C.S.A. § 2361 – 2364):
These Pennsylvania statutes make it unlawful to take, kill, wound, capture or possess any furbearers except during open season and without a permit. It is also illegal to set traps closer than five feet from a den, use a pole trap, deadfall, poison, explosive, chemical, leg-hold trap with teeth on the jaws, to smoke out or dig out any den, to set or place a cage or box trap in the water, or use any trap unless tended every 36 hours and all animals are released or removed. A violation relating to bobcat or otter is a summary offense of the fourth degree; other violations are a summary offense of the fifth degree.

Click HERE to read Nuisance Management via the PGC’s website.
Click HERE for tips of removing a pet from a body-grip trap.
Click HERE to view/download the PGC’s 88-page 2015-2016 Hunting and Trapping Digest.


  1. This article is rediculous from title to the end. If by “Illegally placed hunting traps” you mean not on state games lands as you go on to say, you are wrong. Traps do not have to be on gamelands. Also, you say there was no visible owner identification. If you look at the top right of the photo, under the spring, you can clearly see a rectangular shaped piece of metal; which is probably a trap tag. I guarantee if you look closer or flip the tag over you will surely find proper identification. One thing I do agree with is the dog was in pain and felt fear; but there is no need to call a person out, make them feel bad, or wish karma on them for an activity they enjoy doing. To call it inhumane is rediculous. If the dog was missing/or stuck in the trap for days then by all means call it inhumane and I will back you up; but jt was not. Yes there can be money made from the fur and hide; but if you so happen to be wearing or own anything with an ounce of leather on it, you better get rid of it so you don’t look like a hypocritical, ignorant moron; unless you don’t know where leather comes from. Lastly, as for not being strong enough or not knowing how to release the dog, giving time to take a photo, is a poor excuse. I guarantee, even with poor cell service, it would have taken two minutes to look up how to release an animal from a trap; or even call someone who can walk you through it. I could go on and on but I won’t. Accidents happen and non target animals do get caught in a trap every now and then.


    • She doesn’t wear leather. Don’t call people “ignorant, hypocritical morons” when you don’t even the person’s story.

      And as for the inhumane part, she wasn’t talking about what happened to the dog. She was referring to the person hunting by means of using traps, leaving an innocent, helpless animal to suffer with no means of escape.

      And If the “activity you enjoy doing” is stealing innocent lives that aren’t yours for the fun of it, karma has every right to get you, and it will. I promise 😊. You sound like the ignorant one.


      • trappers and hunters are narcissists per psychiatrists,traps one day will be banned,they are working on it,do yourself a favor and delete your post my sympathies to the pet owner


  2. I feel the need to correct one of my statements. When I posted this I had 2 reasons to and I should of not done so while I was still so upset. Here’s my reasons for doing so:
    First and foremost I wanted to make other people aware of dangers hiking that I was unaware of. I have been called ignorant (lacking in knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular) so yes by definition I was ignorant. I wanted to make other ignorant people aware so their animals and children can be safe. So honestly finding out the information I have I’m not sure if the trap was illegal and probably wasn’t. Andrew is not at fault for this statement, I accept full responsibility for that. So the “illegal” part of my statement I will say was incorrect.

    Secondly I wanted to make the trappers aware of their collateral damage. If being ignorant (lacking knowledge) makes me a moron (stupid) then by the same definition the trappers not wanting to see the collateral damage are ignorant. I will not use the word moron here because I’m not here to name call or fight, I’m just stating my truth. That is my truth. And yes by definition these traps are inhumane ( without compassion for misery or suffering). These are dictionary definitions, not ones I have made up so if anyone feels these words are being used wrongly then you need to take that up with the people who write for the dictionaries, not the people who use the words correctly. Just because something is legal does not make it moral. Anyone getting upset with that picture needs to take a look inside themselves because they are refusing to see the truth of what can happen with those traps doing what a previous comment said “an activity they (the trappers) enjoy doing)”.

    Yes I was not strong enough to release the trap with my hands. I was also ignorant on how to do it. While I was trying to release it my dog was twisting and pulling trying to free himself. The two of us got twisted together and the way he landed sitting and shaking on my lap I couldn’t see what was going on with his paw. So after I called for help I reached around him and took pictures only so I could see. He wasn’t bleeding so I decided the best thing at that time was to wait for help and to keep him calm and not stimulate him to fight the trap. A statement said that I should of looked up a video on how to release the trap but in trying to keep him and myself calm honestly watching a YouTube video never crossed my mind.

    Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. I am stating my truth here and if anyone wants an open discussion about this I welcome that but I am not going to fight or name call over it.


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