Voice Lifted, Susan Featro, Tamaqua Community Arts Center, Tamaqua, 12-6-2015 (15)Vocalist and pianist Susan Featro entertained a full audience during the Fourth Annual Voice Lifted Christmas Benefit Concert held on Sunday, December 6, 2015 at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. The event is held to benefit the Tamaqua Blue Raider Foundation and the Tamaqua Community Arts Center.
Also performing were Steven Toth (Tamaqua Senior High School principal), Emily Barrett, Tom Famini and Barbara Greim.
“My intention each year is to make this concert a retreat from the busyness of the season, a time to breathe & go within & reflect on who we are and how God is present in each of us and in our world,” said Featro. “The concert included familiar Christmas songs as well as many unfamiliar pieces that explore our relationship with the Sacred, our human experiences and emotions, and our connection to the past and to the future.
Featro added, “A favorite part of the concert in past years, in addition to the music, was the improvised sharing of personal stories and messages. I looked forward to opening my heart to the inspiration of the Spirit and seeing how God speaks through music and word in this annual event.”
For more information about Susan Featro, visit her website at http://www.voicelifted.com/.

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