Special to TamaquaArea.com / Mahanoy Township Police Department
Special to TamaquaArea.com / Mahanoy Township Police Department

Mahanoy Township Police Department are investigating a possible methamphetamine lab at 123 Park Place Road in Mahanoy Township. A male and female are in custody.
State Police Clandestine Emergency Response Unit are also on scene tonight.
One man was taken into custody by Schuylkill County Adult Probation officers for a violations. Both he and another person, a woman, are expected to be charged with the illegal drug-making operation.

According to Schuylkill Parcel Locator’s MAP card online, the home is owned by Terry and Amy Kranch.

A comment below states that the home is lived in by Amy Kranch and her unidentified son, not Terry Kranch.

Photos courtesy Mahanoy Township Police Department’s Facebook post.

Special to TamaquaArea.com / Mahanoy Township Police Department
Special to TamaquaArea.com / Mahanoy Township Police Department


  1. The home belongs to AMY KRANCH it was given to her in the divorce in 2011 AMY refuses to sign off on the new deed we have paid our lawyer to do the paper work in spring of 2015 and she simply refuses. We still get tax bills on this property and we have recently spoken to the tax office about this and called our lawyer once again to remove my husbands name from this old deed. Amy’s son lives in that house. we have to take her to court to get her to sigh the paperwork. my husband has not had anything to do with this property since 2003.


    • True story. Terry Kranch has had nothing to do with that property. Amy Kranch rented me that house over ten years ago and in the middle of moving out, she came and stole everything that I didn’t take yet and hid it. She then proceeded to tell me it must have been robbed. She stole everything including my daughters hope chest and the photo albums I had of my deceased parents and all my daughters baby pictures. What a horrible person.
      Her ex husband Terry has been nothing but help and a long time friend. He is the one who told me what happened to my things. Things can’t be all blamed on her son who lived there currently. His mother is a long time drug and alcohol abuser a and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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