TamaquaArea (2) is in need of a single volunteer to help keep the website up-to-date with what matters to Tamaqua and surrounding communities.
The website continues to grow and has recently surpassed 2.5 million site views from over 4,250 articles since February of last year. That number doesn’t include millions and millions of additional views via’s Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube page, old site, and photo archive that goes back to January 2010.
Sadly, my medical conditions have gotten worse and I must spend more time trying to heal. I will still control the website and do my best to keep busy with it, but with my health as a priority.
That is why I am looking for one dedicated volunteer to help with my community website. I will be providing the volunteer $300 a month as a thank you gift for helping. The volunteer will NOT be attending events, covering stories, taking photos or video. He/she will only be responsible for receiving information from me and via social media and posting it on the website. No writing experience necessary.
Don’t worry, and all its articles, events, photos and videos will remain free for all to enjoy it.

– be drug and alcohol free.
– enjoy Tamaqua and all its residents.
– keep a positive attitude. (IE. no drama).
– have a good standing in the community.
– have lived in Tamaqua most of their lives.
– understand instructions and make intelligent decisions.
– have above-average computer knowledge with Windows.
– have a reliable computer, smart phone, and high-speed internet.
– pass a criminal background check and child abuse background check.
– be able to dedicate an hour and a half (90 full minutes) every weekday (Monday to Friday). No exceptions.

If interested, please email me a letter of interest (using your Gmail email address) to

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