Christmas Cantata, St. John's United Church of Christ, Tamaqua, 12-13-2015 (29)St. John’s United Church of Christ in Tamaqua held their annual Christmas Cantata this morning. The event was lead by Reverend Kevin-Duffy Guy, lay leader Ben Shafer, and minister of music Roberta Coccio.
Participants during the performance were sopranos Joan Hess, Nancy Numemacher, Marion Miller, Diane Johnson, Emily Young, Linda Musseman, Kathy Gill, Lisa Shafer, tenors Jim Moll, Bob Gill, altos Jacquie Shafer, Sandy Waidell, Holly Lutz, Lila Christ, Sarah Rarick, Rachel Brimmer, bass Pastor Duffy-Guy, Glenn Rarick, Paul Randig, instrumentalists Liz Seltzer on flute, George Waidell on bass guitar, Ben Shafer on bari-sax, Lee Shafer on clarinet, Jackie Kerlin on trumpet, and Albie Coccio on drums.
The church’s website is Their Facebook page is Video:
For better viewing, change YouTube’s settings to HD-1080 after you start the video.

(Click HERE to view the first 50 minutes of the event as streamed LIVE on Or HERE to view the ending.) Photos:

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