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According to online reports, pet owners in Luzerne County will have to be more alert to temperatures and weather. The county is located north of both Schuylkill and Carbon counties. On Tuesday, county officials adopted an ordinance by a 10-1 vote that prevents unattended dogs to be left outside for more than a half-hour if the temperature drops below 26 degrees, rises above 92 degrees or if the National Weather Service issues a severe weather advisory for the area.
It takes affect March 1, 2017, and will be enforced by the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Will other counties follow?

Click HERE to visit the SPCA of Luzerne County’s website.

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  1. How does this effect livestock guardian dogs who live with livestock and know how to take care of themselves? Shall we pass a law protecting all the poor, poor wolves that will have to be out in the cold? Passing laws like this only verifies the level of ignorance in this nation. You screw with the temperature of outside animals, then you screw with their ability to keep themselves warm. Their winter coats won’t grow in properly, and THAT’S when you’ll have cold dogs! That’s when you’ll have negligence! You people set all these stupid laws, and don’t care how these laws in themselves are CRUEL! You create no-kill shelters, what happens? Suffering animals increase! You create laws to prevent the slaughter of horses, what happens? The horse population sky rockets and sick animals that would never have made it in the wild, now have to live with pain and disease! These laws are so ridiculous! You pretend to care about animals–where’s your follow-through? Do you see all the suffering animals that are a result of these kinds of ignorant laws? Yet, where are the laws helping “unattended” homeless veterans–no, we’re going to pass laws saying we can’t feed them anymore. This country is ruined.


  2. Laws like these only verifies the level of ignorance inclining in our nation. So, are they providing shelter for the poor, poor cold wolves? Coyotes? What about all the “unattended” wildlife? How does this law refer to livestock guardian dogs? Because livestock grow a thicker coat in the winter–you know–like ALL wildlife! So do dogs! You start screwing with “temperature limits” and you screw with their ability to grow a decent winter coat! Now THAT’S going to cause over-cold dogs. THAT’S where neglect happens! Is there a major movement going across the nation to help the poor, cold wildlife? I’ll bet Alaska is laughing their asses off at us dumb, interfering busy-bodies. I wonder, is there a law for cities to provide shelter for the “unattended” homeless people, or do we only care about animals who already know how to take care of themselves? This is like communities forcing shelters to be “no-kill,” and its always the animals who suffer when laws like this get passed. Federal law passes to prevent horse slaughter, now we have thousands of sick, dying horses that would never have made it in the wild. They’re in PAIN! How are these laws helping?


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