Pictured during the meeting are some team members.
Pictured during the meeting are some team members.

Tamaqua Borough Council recognized Tamaqua’s Junior High Football Team during the start of the public council meeting on Tuesday.
Team members include Nate Hope, Cam Schilling, Tyler Hazlett, Logan Hess, Tyler George, Brayden Knoblauch, Randolph Steigerwalt, Cody Hamm, Matthew Kistler, Pierce Demetriades, Joel Schellhammer, Bobby Duncan, Michael Minchhoff, Barron Stauffenberg, Nate Boyle, Nicholas DiMarco, Zeno Zukovich, Nicko Bolletino, Nathan Wickersham, Ian Machay, Jake Barron, Dakota Zakashefski, Sean Lavine, Alexander Zeigler, Lucas Schickram, Ryan Adams, Jared Reed, Nathaniel Curvey, Braydan Hess, Bronson Strouse, Jerome Balliet, Logan Kromer and Lucas Gregoire.
Coaches were Brad Murphy and Terry “Nails” Knoblauch.
Each athlete received a Certificate of Achievement from the borough (presented by councilman Dave Mace) that read:
“In recognition of completing the 2015 football season with a 10-0 record. Finishing a season undefeated is an achievement which requires skill, dedication and teamwork. The Tamaqua Borough Council commends the Tamaqua Junior High Football Team for their outstanding season and wishes them continued success in the future.”

TamaquaArea.com Video of Meeting:

TamaquaArea.com Photos:
(Click HERE to view group photo on Facebook.)
(Click HERE to view group photo on Facebook following last win, courtesy of Tara McCarroll Stauffenberg.)


Below are TamaquaArea.com Photos of Each Player:

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