Pictured are St. Clair patrolman Brad Blanner and Pennsylvania State Trooper Mario Pompei going out of their way to remove debris from the roadway following a recent minor motor vehicle accident on US209 in Cumbola. Since traffic was backed up a mile, both decided to clean the road themselves, rather than wait for a tow truck crew to do it.
Port Carbon Fire Department also helped.


  1. Well their job is to serve and protect so I really don’t see why this is a big deal .on a side note if the proper emergency services had been dispatched from the beginning or once it was determined it was out of the Fire department’s capability And man power That was mistakenly called The proper emergency services should have been notified And the sufficient amount of manpower would have been on the scene to efficiently handle the situation so other emergency services (Police Department)would have not done the fire department s job .but thumbs up To the officers that are not afraid to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done when a control freak Fire Chief takes it upon himsel To Chang a nother tows S.O.P just my opinion that a vary unsafe act.


  2. So with Port Carbon, East Norwegian and Saint Clair rescue all on the original dispatch there wasn’t enough manpower to handle fluid mitigation?


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