Foster Mine Tunnel Disaster Presentation, Coaldale, 10-3-2015 (101)
From left are Schuylkill County County Commissioner George Halcovage; Dr. Eugene Laigon; Bob Vybrenner; ceremony coordinator Michael Habrischak; Micah Gursky, Director of Development, St. Luke’s Hospital–Miners Campus; and Reverend Jeremy Benack, Grace Community Church, Lansford.

A ceremony was held October 3, 2015 in Coaldale to recognize the 100th year anniversary of the Foster’s Mine Tunnel cave-in and rescue that entombed 11 miners in the mine after a large body of water broke into the mine and trapped the men for seven days. The cave-in occurred on Monday, September 27, 1915. Two miners were rescued on the second day, while the rest of the men were rescued 7 days later, on Sunday, October 3, 1915.
The 100-year anniversary ceremony was organized by mine and coal enthusiast Michael Habrischak.
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