Carbon Monoxide Response, 175 Orwigsburg Street, Tamaqua, 10-27-2015 (12)

Two unconscious children and two disoriented adults in Tamaqua were transported to a local hospital today (Tuesday, October 27, 2015) after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Emergency personnel were called to 175 Orwigsburg Street around 4:20 PM for a carbon monoxide investigation. On scene first were Tamaqua Police officer Collin Leibensperger and emergency medical technicians Harry Hontz and Michael Bowman with Tamaqua Ambulance. They arrived to see the front door locked and no one answering the door. A short while later, a woman staggered to the door and opened it. After helping the woman outside, Leibensperger and the two medical technicians rushed inside the home to remove two unconscious children and two disoriented adults from the home. An official said that one of the adults was so disoriented that he hit his head hard while being helped out of the property.
Tom Hartz, Tamaqua Fire Chief, said a generator running in the basement was providing power to the home at the time. He added that carbon monoxide levels outside the front door of the home were at 400-parts-per-million. Inside levels were much higher. (Click HERE to view a risk chart.)
A neighbor added that power was turned off at the home a few days ago.
All victims were transported to St. Luke’s Hospital – Miners Campus in Coaldale.
The Tamaqua Salvation Army has offered to provide temporary housing to the family if needed.
Responding were Tamaqua Police, Tamaqua Ambulance, South Ward Fire Company, Citizen’s Fire Company, Lehighton ALS, Penn Mahoning Ambulance, Tamaqua Fire Police and others.
No more information is known.
“If this were a short time later, this could have been a very tragic scene,” added Hartz.

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