Fall into Fun No. 9 Mine Basket Social, Summit Hill Heritage Center, Summit Hill, 10-4-2015 (2)Volunteers organized a Fall into Fun Basket Social recently at the Summit Hill Heritage Center to benefit the No. 9 Mine and Museum in Lansford.
Volunteer Jan Swan stated her appreciation to all who donated, volunteered and supported the event.
She added on Facebook, “How to say THANK YOU… to so many people!??!?
The first annual No.9 Basket Social was a success!
To my good friends who feel like family and family… Bernadine Daddario, Jaymey LeVan, Chey Daly, Cherokee LeVan, Chris Opresko (DJ Luminate), Wendy Kline Butrie (YOU ROCK!), Joe Butrie (Awesome Sauce!), Debra Solomon Ranck & Keith from Summit Hill Heritage Center, Andrew Leibenguth (You are Phenomenal!), All friends, family and the fabulous people in our community who showed up!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
We put a dent in the expenses of repairing the roof at No.9 Coal Mine & Museum! You came and showed us what America is all about! UNITED WE STAND! Together we can make a difference! Thank You, each and every one of you!
It made all the hard work worth it. More than mine, Bern was the best resource and worker for No.9 Coal Mine & Museum!
Y’all ROCK!”

Click HERE to visit the event on Facebook.

TamaquaArea.com Photos:
(Click HERE to view the group photo on Facebook.)

Photos from Jan Swan:


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