Status of Bridge Construction, Jim Thorpe, 10-5-2015 (9)Pictured are photos showing the current construction status of the new Route 903 Jim Thorpe Bridge, as of yesterday (Monday, October 5, 2015).
Contractors are well into the three-year $28 million project to replace the existing Route 903 Bridge with a new Route 903 Jim Thorpe Memorial Bridge. The new bridge is being built about 600-feet northwest of the current bridge and will connect North Street with US209.
The project involves the construction of a new 961-foot, four-span continuous steel plate girder bridge structure over the Lehigh River, Lehigh Canal, Reading Blue Mountain Northern Railroad and Norfolk Southern Railroad. It also includes the construction of three retaining walls, milling and paving of US209 (from about the intersection with Liberty Road to approximately 0.2 miles north of Packer Hill Road) and the removal of the existing Route 903 Bridge and other miscellaneous construction activities. Illustration/Image from Google Maps Illustration/Image from Google Maps

The project started February 10, 2014 and is estimated to be completed by July 2017.
Unofficial reports state that the bridge might be opened in the next few months, with the completion and tearing down of the old bridge lasting until 2017.
Contactor for the $28,183,312.02 project is Allan A. Myers, LP of Worcester PA.

Click HERE to view past photos. Video: Photos:

Below photos courtesy John Bienieck: (photos are from last month)


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