Rega is presented a framed plaque from Tamaqua Borough councilman Tom Cara.
Rega is presented a framed copy of the Times News ‘Dear Tamaqua’ story from Tamaqua Borough councilman Tom Cara.

Tamaqua Borough Council recognized Leona Rega recently for her leadership role during the large ‘Dear Tamaqua’ event, which started in 2013 and ended with a large finale on August 4, 2015. During a public council meeting last month, she was presented with a framed copy of the Times News front-page story about the ‘Dear Tamaqua’ story titled “Dear Tamaqua casts bright hope”.
Rega also serves as director for Tamaqua Community Arts Center and coordinator for the Tamaqua Safety Initiative.
Rega credited the hard work from all the volunteers and supporters.
She added on Facebook:
This project was a most humbling experience for me. The collaboration of over 200 individuals, and approx. 100 organizations & businesses are truly what made it successful. I am proud to have been a part of the experience. Many thanks to the TACP board members for believing in me as the lead person on the project. Without the support of my family, my involvement would have been impossible. Many long days, nights and weekends for two years gives one a new respect for those who have done this work before me. Thank you Tamaqua! For your letters, involvement and appreciation of the event. We have an amazing community ~ embrace your place in it ~ there IS a part for everyone.”

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TamaquaArea.com Video of Meeting (9-1-2015):

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