Panther Valley Area High School Class of 1965 Reunion, 8-20-2015 (1)
Special to / First row from left are Fran Nester Kalashevich, Jane Wildermuth-Pietruch, Cheryl Castle-Horvath, Emma Miller-Weaver, Maureen Kulpa-Love, Beverly Billig-Soltz, Sharron McGorry-Heath, (teachers) John Gunsser, Richard McIntyre, Christine Yaniga-Koval, and Carol Baranovich-Wetherhold. Second row from left are Grace Turrano-Fritzinger, Betty Whitehead-Hunadi, Claudia Sopoliga-Zile, Betsy Snyder-Ahmed, Sandy Domonic-Gallagher, Bill Kellner, Bill Terry, Frank Petrash, Bernard Blasko, David Piech, Bronwyn Tippet-Bauer, and Marianne Knox-Ponting. Third row from left are Rich and Ann Marie Bennek Rajnic, Joanne Pogowist-Drosdak, Janice Hallahan-King, Linda Biduck-Roscoe, Donna Morral-White, Irene Span-Trubilla, Dan Evans, Joseph Scope, Jim Miller, Rich Petrock, and Kathy Lotwick-Yankovich. Fourth row from left are George McIntyre, Ruth Becker-Carazo, Kathy Hartwig-Dubui, Clyde Beury, Ed Vermillion, Jim Malkin, Nick Trubilla, John Molotzak, Nancy Strauss-Boos, Stan Bankus, and John Yankovich. Fifth Row – Jack Kranchick, Art Orach, Paul Skodacek, Bill Jones, Michael Sova, Steve Skapik, Clifford Christ, Jim Gallagher, Andy Kuzma, Charles Williams, John Davidyock. Not in Photo – Betty Wasilko Haley

Members of the Panther Valley High School class of 1965 held their 50th anniversary reunion recently.
Click HERE to view this photo on Nicholas Berezniak’s “Coaldale Pennsylvania – Past – Present – Future” Facebook page.

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