Tamaqua Area Senior High School emblem logoThe Tamaqua Area School District Athletic Department is offering several season ticket packages for the 2015 fall athletic seasons and the Senior Citizen’s Gold Card throughout the year.

The following packages are being offered for fall sports:

Football Season Tickets:                      Adults:            $20                  Students:          $8   (5 Home games)

JV Football Season Tickets:                Adults:            $13                  Students:          $4   (5 Home games)

JH Football Season Tickets:                Adults:            $10                  Students:          $3   (4 Home games)

Volleyball Season Tickets:                    Adults:            $33                  Students:          $12 (8 Home games)

Boys Soccer Tickets:                              Adults:            $35                  Students:          $15 (9 Home games)

Girls Soccer Tickets:                              Adults:            $35                  Students:          $15 (9 Home Games)

JH Girls Basketball Season Tickets:   Adults:            $25                  Students:          $6   (10 Home games)

Admission cost at the gate: $5 for adults; $2 for students for all varsity events. $3 for adults; $1 for students for sub-varsity. There are no senior citizen discounted tickets at the gate.

Family Package:        The family package entitles entrance for two (2) adults and two (2) students of the immediate family for all sports for the entire 2015-16 school year. Cost: $175 Additional $25 for each additional student pass.

Individual Pass For All Home Events for the entire school year:

Adults: $75    Students: $25

Gold Cards:   The athletic department is once again offering Gold Cards for district residents over the age of 62. They are free of charge and are NOW offered as a LIFETIME card. Current card holders who have not had their card issued as a lifetime card must come to the high school office to update the current card or to obtain a new lifetime card. Proof of residency and age is a must for ALL current and new Gold Card recipients.

Tickets and Gold Cards may be obtained in the high school office between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

For more information on the ticket packages, visit the school district website under athletics and click on the drop-down menu.

Below are team rosters and schedules, courtesy Mike Hromyak, Athletics Director/Public Relations, Tamaqua Area School District.
(subject to changes)

– Girls Tennis: Roster / Schedule.
– Golf Roster: Roster / Schedule.
– Junior High Cross Country: Roster / Schedule.
– Junior High Football: Roster / Schedule.
– Junior High Girls Basketball: Roster / Schedule.
– Junior Varsity Football: Roster / Schedule.
– JV/Varsity Boys Soccer: Roster / Schedule.
– JV/Varsity Girls Soccer: Roster / Schedule.
– JV/Varsity Volleyball: Roster / Schedule.
– Varsity Football: Roster / Schedule.

– Full 12-sheet Fall Roster. Full 16-sheet Fall Schedule. (in Excel format)
Or visit the district’s website: Fall Rosters, Fall Schedules/Results, Fall Gym/Practice Schedules.

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