Renovation Status, Tamaqua Historical Society Museum, Tamaqua, 8-27-2015 (8)“Contractors are 90% complete renovation work to the Tamaqua Historical Society Museum,” said Dale Freudenberger, President, Tamaqua Historical Society, during a society meeting held Thursday, August 27, 2015.
Freudenberger added it will take an additional 6 months to bring back all the museum items and carefully place them on display. Volunteers will be needed for that.
Stay tuned every month for photo updates showing the progress of this project.

Renovation Status, Tamaqua Historical Society Museum, Tamaqua, 8-27-2015 (11)April 2015 PRESS RELEASE by Dale Freudenberger:
You may have noticed, there is much going on at the Tamaqua Historical Society Museum at 118 West Broad Street when you drive past. If you were in our museum in the old First National Bank building in recent years, it was painstakingly evident that our grand old building was in need of much needed repairs at TLC. The historical society took ownership of the former bank in 1988. We did our best under the circumstances to clean it up and showcase many of our local artifacts and photographs. As the years rolled on, the interior conditions worsened and we dropped off our regular schedule and only opened for festivals or by appointment. Over those years, we began looking for ways to raise monies so that we could start doing some major renovations. It all started coming together in the past few years as we raised many private dollars from generous donations and local benefactors. We also secured a generous grant from the Je Morgan Foundation. With the help of Senator Argall and Representative Knowles, we applied for a matching state grant – which we were awarded. We then partnered with the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership, who helped us leverage even more matching dollars, and the Borough of Tamaqua, who is helping us with the administration of the state grant, etc. We also had much help along this path with generous in-kind donations from our architect and our financial planner. All combined, the Tamaqua Museum renovations are part of a one-million dollar project that includes the Museum, the Chamber of Commerce offices (owned by the historical society), and 112 West Broad Street (owned by the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership. Of this ambitious project, the majority of the funds are going into the Tamaqua Museum.
Renovations to the museum include new commercial roofs, skylights, masonry repairs, all new plumbing, electrical and lighting. Restoration of ornate plasterwork in the former 1905 bank building, insulation of ceilings, floor repairs, HC restrooms, emergency exit, and renovations to the small rooms that flank the side and rear of the large original bank vault. Construction on the project began in November 2014, and is expected to be completed by June of 2015. We believe the public will be very impressed with the finished Museum space. It will be quite impressive when it is done. When the renovations are completed, the public will be invited to join us to tour the completed project. After renovations are done, it will take several more months for the historical society to create all new historic exhibits and move them into the new museum space. The new exhibits will focus on the greater Tamaqua area including most of eastern Schuylkill County. Beyond the current project, we will still need to raise more money to all us to update our heating and air conditioning system and new windows. We are also in need of donations to allow us to buy many new display cases and gallery portable display walls. Please help us if you can.

Click HERE to view a “Did You Know” image sheet with facts about the museum.

Click HERE to print out a Tamaqua Historical Society membership form. Video:

Additional Photos:

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