Eagle Scout Chris Daynorowicz volunteers to be the first person interviewed.
Eagle Scout Chris Daynorowicz volunteers to be the first person interviewed.

TamaquaArea.com has started a new video archive series titled ‘Tamaqua Life’. Tamaqua Eagle Scout Christopher Daynorowicz volunteered to be the test guinea pig for the first video interview done on July 28, 2015.
The concept is simple. The video series encourages anybody living in Tamaqua (18252 zip code) to be video recorded to preserve their Tamaqua memories.
During the video, the TamaquaArea.com interviewer will first ask the interviewee a few basic questions; such as full name, age, family and so on. From there, the interviewee can talk as little or long as they want about Tamaqua life and anything else they want. The more they talk, the better.
Interviews will be uploaded on the TamaquaArea.com and its YouTube account for future generations to enjoy.
Most interviews will be held at the Tamaqua Salvation Army, but can also be held at the person’s home, as last resort.
If you want to be interviewed or have a family member that is interested, feel free to contact TamaquaArea.com editor Andrew Leibenguth via email at AndyLeibenguth@TamaquaArea.com, phone at 570-668-1234, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AndrewLeibenguth.

(You might need to raise the volume. As this was a test video.)


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