Day 3 of Search for Jesse Rex Farber, Sharp Mountain, Tamaqua, 8-15-2015 (48)
John Schmidt, Northeast Search and Rescue, uses a powerful telescope to search open areas of surrounding mountains.

Around 5:30 PM today (Saturday, August 15, 2015), search teams ended their search for a missing Tamaqua man after days of scouring the mountains around Tamaqua.
Family members last communicated with Jesse “Rex” Farber (a father of two) around 8:45 PM on Tuesday after a frantic cell phone call from him asking for help.
During the last three days, over 100 search members and community members traveled up and down the mountains around Tamaqua in hopes of finding Jesse. Despite this, the whereabouts of Jesse are still a mystery. Crews with Department of Environmental Protection are expected to drop a long camera down an open mine hole located about a quarter-mile southwest of the Tamaqua Middle School parking lot. Other search crews lowered a camera down the hole yesterday, but it cracked on the way down.
Day 3 of Search for Jesse Rex Farber, Sharp Mountain, Tamaqua, 8-15-2015 (99)Taking part in today’s search were members of the Tamaqua Fire Department, Tamaqua Rescue Squad, Tamaqua Police Department Tamaqua Fire Police, Northeast Search and Rescue, Pocono Search and Rescue, PA Wilderness Search and Rescue, PA CSAR, and others.
Family members, loved ones, friends, and numerous community members said they will continue to search the mountains until he is found, adding that they plan to start again tomorrow (Sunday, August 16, 2015) at 10 AM behind the Tamaqua High School. For more information, call Norma Fritz at 570-449-3985.

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