Tyler Hope / Special to
Tyler Hope / Special to

Firefighters were dispatched around 1:30 PM today (Saturday, June 20, 2015) to the area of 1211 Valley Road in Walker Township for a vehicle fire. They arrived on scene to see a white Pontiac Grand AM engulfed in flames.
Tyler Hope, the owner of the vehicle, was following in another vehicle when he said he saw fire shoot out the exhaust and then spread to the bottom of the car. Hope jumped out of his car and told the driver (his father) to stop the vehicle. He then ran to a nearby home where he acquired three fire extinguishers in an attempt to quell the fire. Firefighters responded shortly after and extinguished the blaze.
An area of grass around the car was also burnt.
No injuries were observed.
Responding were New England/Walker Township Fire Company, South Ward Fire Company, Tamaqua Fire Chief, State Police and others.

Below Video Courtesy of Tyler Hope: Video: Photos:

Below Photos Courtesy of Tyler Hope:

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