Dear in Road, Tuscarora, 6-3-2015 (10) - CopyPictured from a distance is a deer apparently “grazing” on Tuscarora Park Road in Rush Township. Two years ago, Pennsylvania was ranked second for your chance of impacting a deer, according to a State Farm report.
Below are some tips from the PA Department of Motor Vehicles website.
– Deer are most active at dawn and dusk, but can appear anytime.
– Watch for the telltale glow of a deer’s eyes in the dark.
– Watch for the warning signs that indicate heavy deer traffic areas.
– Deer travel in groups or in single file, so, if you see one, be prepared for more to follow.
– If you see a deer, slow down, tap your brakes to warn others and sound your horn to move the deer.
– Deer fixate on headlights – flashing them may cause the deer to move out of harm’s way.
– Remember, deer are unpredictable, be alert!

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