EDITORIAL: Why would the Tamaqua High School limit my free, complete coverage of the graduation?

Andrew Leibenguth - EditorialWhen I graduated from Tamaqua Area High School, I couldn’t afford professional graduation photos or a video. So I never bought any. Those professional moments are now lost in history.

Shortly before the start of today’s Tamaqua Class of 2014 graduation, I was approached by a Tamaqua school official who said he had “strict orders” to prevent me (stating my name) from taking photos or videos on the field or next to the contracted photographers and videographers. He said to me, “You are just a spectator” and told me I was limited to taking photos and video at the spectator area on the side of the bleachers.

As you all know, all my news stories, photos and videos are completely free on my TamaquaArea.com community website, like they have been for years. This would have been my fifth year covering Tamaqua’s graduation.

I don’t expect special treatment, but do expect the same treatment as the paid photographer and videographer, as I take quality video and photos of all the graduates and share them online for the graduates, families and the rest of the community to enjoy. Plus, my photos and video are free and legal to share online.

Due to today’s poor placement of the sound speakers on both sides of the bleachers, I, like other parents, couldn’t find a good position to capture quality photos or video.

Only a portion of the students can afford or choose to buy the professional video or photos. Knowing this, why would the school go out of their way to limit my free, complete coverage of the graduation?

People, now more than ever, have access to an unlimited supply of free online news, photos and videos. Special moments in Tamaqua’s history should be recorded and made available for everyone to enjoy, not only to people who can afford it.

Sorry students and family of the Tamaqua Class of 2014. I don’t have any worthwhile photos or videos of your graduation to post online.

Below are the links to all the Tamaqua graduation photos I took since 2010. As always, they are free to download, print or save.
2010 Photos
2011 Photos
2012 Photos
2013 Photos


  1. That’s cuz the town of tamaqua is shit anymore why u think ppl want to leave think about it brother this town has falling apart I use to love this town but it’s not good old tamaqua anymore keep being the good guy man ull keep getting shit on but if anyone can open their eyes I think ur the one that can much respect bro one place to start is the problem everyone talks about is revamp the police department get a wheel chair ramp for post office since not having on is rediculuse and for Fucks sakes let kids be kids get ride of them uniforms u really wanna stop bullying teachers should pay attention more and parents anyways I know u understand where I’m coming from change needs to be made and I think ur the one to make them see


    • Unfortunately it takes more people to step up and care…not one, a few, or even a large handful of people can improve things by themselves. We need people to get involved in things all over the town. We need people also to vote in elections rather then comment and complain about who is sitting on councils, boards and police departments. If everyone would pick one area they are interested in and devote even just a small part of their time to it, things would improve…and they are improving little by little. The problem is there is a small amount of people trying to do it all….


  2. That is just wrong and when my daughter’s graduate, one in 2016 and one in 2018 I want to HIRE ANDY to be my girl’s photographer. There ,he will be paid photographer and gets to stand next to the other guy and do this thing too. I won’t use the other guy. I’m putting in my order for ANDY now.


  3. This is truly sad. I agree with you 100%. You always provide the community with quality service, and there when people are in need. As I sat at the ceremony last night, I wonder where you were. I had no idea the Tamaqua School District would deny the Class of 2014 your services or coverage of a once in a life time celebration. Andy, keep up the good work, and look forward to your services in the future. KEEP ON COVERING!!!


  4. I am not surprised that this happened at Tamaqua. I wasn’t surprised when Kinder was promoted to his daddy’s job either. My class raised a few hundred dollars in a fundraiser that suddenly disappeared over the summer break. I was a class officer and pressed Kinder about where the money went. He told me to keep my mouth shut and forget about the money. I wouldn’t be surpsied that Kinder would be behind keeping Andrew from doing his job either.


  5. Andy If would have know or I think if anyone would have known they would have made certain that you were able to cover it. Hell if we need to and you are told you can’t cover something cause your not a paid photographer just tell anyone from around here you need to be paid and I’m sure someone will pay you even if it’s a quarter they can’t say a thing. You are being paid for a service!!!!


  6. TAMAQUA Athletic Director is probably the 1who informed you. As far as what they decided IT’S WHO YOU KNOW AN YOU KNOW THE REST. Should have used the camera that fly, giving the kids a view the pprofessional couldn’t LOL.THANKS ANDY FOR THE EFFORT, MAYBE YOU SHOULD INFORM THE PARENTS AN ATTEND A SCHOOL BOARD MEETING MAY BE MEMBER OF THE BOARD THAT MAY NOT OF KNOWN ABOUT THIS. AD MAY HAVE DONE THIS WITH OUT PERMISSION


  7. Simple Andy, have the parents of each graduating senior pay you 1 dollar.. You are now a hired professional photographer, hey if walmart can eliminate the competition by slashing prices so can you. In the end you can take the collection and put it towards something like free prints or whatever. Sticking it to the man sometimes works. However sticking it to the man by playing their game,, screws them more

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