Live The Green Dot Schuylkill Summit, SARCCArea residents are welcome to attend as community gatekeepers during a bystander intervention training program on Monday (March 17, 2014) at 9 AM at the LCCC Campus – Morgan Center in Tamaqua.
The free program and free optional certificate (titled: Live the Green Dot Schuylkill Summit) is best utilized by professionals, parents and volunteers who have direct frequent contact with people who often require responsible adult advocacy on their behalf such as children, special needs populations, the elderly, etc.
Pre-registration is only required if you already registered for the 4-day certification. The bystander intervention part is on Monday and is open to the public.
Click HERE to view a past story about the program and certification.
Click HERE to view the Facebook page for the event.
For more information, or to get involved, contact Leona Rega, Director, Tamaqua Safety Initiative, at (570) 668-1192 or by emailing Residents can also call Stephanie Barron, Vice President (SARCC Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center of Schuylkill and Lebanon counties) at (570) 628-2965.
Here is a  link to the program’s website:

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